Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Meet Reunion's leading lady...

With the rest of winter, all of spring, and the first part of summer ahead of us before we actually start shooting, we've completed the casting of our female roles!

Last week we introduced Trin Miller and Jen Page and today we are announcing the casting of a third beautiful and talented actress, Alison Monda, who will the play our female lead, Heidi. 

Alison fought hard to earn this part -- she's an avowed horror film fan, including High Tension -- one of our own touchstones -- on her list of favorite films. Tall, tough, and multi-talented, Alison was made to kick ass in a horror film.

Not only can Alison scream -- she can sing! She's booked up doing theater work throughout the first half of 2011 (visit her site for her full schedule: and has been compared to Idina Menzel (that's Rachel Berry's mom on Glee, yo!). You can currently (through December 31st) see her onstage in Olympia where she's starring in A Stardust Christmas Carol (

We couldn't be more excited to welcome Alison aboard the Reunion train as it chugs out of the station. She's fun and funny. And she's working hard at becoming a cat lady, which, as we all know, is the highest, most admirable life goal there is. Wish her luck and wish her well as she joins the cast of Reunion!

Keep an eye out later this week -- we'll be introducing our bad guy...oooh, scary!

Be seeing you...


Anonymous said...

uber hawtness! good choice for a leading lady!

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