Thursday, December 16, 2010

First casting announcement

This announcement was promised for Friday, but I finished it early. So why sit on it?

After two plus months of accepting video submissions from actors and two rounds of in-person auditions, we couldn't be more excited to introduce the first two members of Reunion's cast.
Without further ado, meet Trin Miller (as Sarah)... 

 and Jen Page (as Lucy)...

Trin and Jen are currently working together on a web series set to debut on Christmas Day. The Dirty Do Gooders is  an online episodic series about four close friends who mysteriously gain superpowers. Armed only with wisdom gleaned from stacks of comic books, they decide to tackle the rising crime wave in their home town of Milton (taken from their web site).

While they are playing supporting roles in Reunion, both Trin and Jen have headline talent. And beyond their acting chops, they are also the kind of people we would love to hang out with even if they weren't in our little horror flick. 

And if Trin occasionally shows up on set with baked goods, well, so much the better for all of us! And if Jen gets to occasionally rub elbows with the stars of the web series The Guild, don't be jealous - she's just cooler than you.

But seriously, we are lucky to have these wonderfully talented and wonderfully wonderful women on board. 

You can read Trin's blog about her experiences fighting off randy doors here: Look at this picture:

You can hardly blame the door. Trin's other tales of adventure on The Dirty Do Gooder set can be found here:

Jen has her own website, which you can visit here: "Like" her on Facebook here:

Welcome, Trin and Jen! We can't wait to get you both in front of the camera!

All photos of Trin by Johnny Miller.

Jen's headshot by David Ward. Her other photos are hers to do with as she pleases!


Trin said...

Thanks again for the ultra kind words and generous amounts of Do Gooder love! Can't wait to start screaming. :)

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