Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Long Overdue Update

A little update, brief though it will be (I'm writing this on my iPhone while one twin sleeps and the other entertains herself).

Reunion IS coming! The edit is locked, sound design is awaiting my approval, and a composer is on hold.

The stall we've been experiencing is purely my doing (with a lot of "help" from two little people). I'm a stay at home dad with eight-month-old twins taking up all of my time, time that would otherwise go to finishing up color correction and grading.

However! My wife is a preschool teacher and has Thanksgiving and Winter Breaks coming up which I will be taking advantage of to finish up the color work on the last fifteen or twenty minutes of the movie (it may even be less).

I want to thank all if you who have supported thus project for your patience - twins are hard!

Be seeing you...