Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Quick Update

It's been a busy couple of weeks. On December 4th we had our first round of auditions. For that we sent the actors we invited sides (scenes from the script). We scheduled them in fifteen minute intervals. For the actual auditions we had them read with producer Jared Callaway Hagen. He was great, but the actors we brought in were even better. 

On Saturday the 11th we brought back a number of actors for callbacks. For this round of the process the actors were in groups. This allowed us to pair them up and combine them in a number of ways to see how they played off of each other. Again the performances were great. By having actors working off of each other the performances were elevated even further.

Two actresses have already been offered supporting roles (although they could both easily be leading ladies) and they have accepted. We will introduce them here this Friday (12/17). Next Tuesday (12/21) we are bringing those actors still in contention for the leads in for one final audition where they will again be able to act opposite one another. We can't wait!

In other news, last week I completed a blog post that should appear at this Friday. In it I write a little about my own journey into filmmaking and touch on the availability of new distribution methods in the internet age.

And finally, we're down to the final two weeks of our Kickstarter campaign. It's been an amazing ride so far, with 52 generous donors pledging over $8,000 toward our $10,000 goal. Let's keep that surge going so everyone who has pledged so far will get their richly deserved rewards! We can use your help - fake blood and body part prosthetics are not cheap, but that's what we want for Christmas!

Be seeing you...


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