Monday, May 23, 2011

Making progress

As we race toward the end of May pre-production is quickly ramping up.

Our cast is complete. We started that process all the way back in December and the long search was totally worth it. The cast we've assembled is amazing. We can't wait to get them in front of the camera.

Construction on one of the key props you'll see in the finished film is nearly complete. Peter Orr (, has completed a clay model of what will become a mask worn in the movie. We're saving the big reveal for later, but here's a sneak peek:

The work of Peter Orr

Last Thursday Matt and I drove up to watch the Bandersnatch Studios guys ( cover Jesse Keeter's head in goop. We need an extra Jesse head for...something. Here's a time-lapse video of the malarkey that Matt put together:

We've secured the school we'll be using in a flashback scene. With that done, we have our first shoot date! On June 27th cameras will roll for the first frames of REUNION. Better go storyboard...

More later.

Be seeing you...

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Final cast member announced!

And that's that. Casting complete. And we are thrilled to introduce Reunion's Adam: Bjorn Whitney!
Bjorn Whitney as Adam
Bjorn literally became Adam before our eyes during his final audition and it was crystal clear he was the final piece to our puzzle.

Bjorn spent two seasons with Shakespeare Northwest, playing Ferdinand in The Tempest and Marc Antony in Antony and Cleopatra.
He's appeared in numerous short films and web shorts, including The Adventures of  Chadwick Periwinkle (premiering online this summer)and Fearless Episode Hunters (a short film from Temporal Studios).

Your next chance to get a look at Bjorn in action is May 30th. Love and War, a short film featuring Bjorn in the lead role of Rafe, premieres that day at SIFF.
Bjorn as Rafe in Love and War

Bjorn loves all three Star Wars movies and we can't wait to hang out with him on set.

Welcome to Reunion, Bjorn!
Be seeing you...

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Another cast member revealed!

We are pleased to announce the latest addition to our talented cast, David Nail. David will take on the role of Brandon.
David Nail as Brandon
David has been acting, directing, and designing for live theater for fifteen years. He's been seen on stage and screen in industrial films and live performances for the Dallas County Community College District, Sally Beauty Supply, American Airlines, Mary Kay Cosmetics, Texas Instruments, the Fort Worth Zoo, the State Fair of Texas, and GTE. He's also appeared in commercials for Pizza Hut, Einstein Brothers Bagels, and Doritos. 
Recent stage work has moved him from Dallas to Olympia to Gloucester to Seattle to Palm Beach. He appeared in the world premiere of Israel Horovitz's SINS OF THE MOTHER, as well as in its Northeast and Southeast premieres. SINS OF THE MOTHER should get its Broadway debut next season.

Follow David online at:
Welcome to REUNION, David! 

Be seeing you...

Friday, May 6, 2011

We're not dead yet!

Not a lot of news posted lately, I know, but it's not because we haven't been hard at work. Updates will start coming more regularly from now on. I think. I hope. I'll try!
Over the last two weeks we've held a few more auditions and have wrapped up our casting. Look for official announcements on who will play Brandon and Adam in the next few days.
While we're still looking for our principal location (if you know of someone with a secluded farm house within an hour of Seattle who'd like to make a little money this August let us know!), we are close to nailing down one location (it will play the school our adult character attended in a brief flashback). Assuming we are able to secure that spot, our first shoot day will be June 27th (a one off day - the main shoot will still happen in August).
In addition to pecking away at my current rewrite/revision, I've also storyboarded three key sequences for Bandersnatch so they can start planning their makeup and FX stuff (Matt cut them a check a couple of weeks ago -- purchase order goes out soon!). 
And while Bandersnatch will soon be scheduling a time to mold one actor's head, Peter Orr has begun sculpting a mask that will be a key part of someone's ensemble.
It's coming together thanks to all of you. Casting announcements soon!
Be seeing you...