Saturday, September 18, 2010

REUNION - A brief history

REUNION began with a letter. It was a number years ago now, and the letter arrived in the mailbox of someone I know. It was unexpected and its contents were a surprise. It was from an old high school classmate and in essence it was a letter of forgiveness. The letter's author was writing to let my friend know that what my friend had engaged in during their high school years together (mocking words directed at the letter's author) had not gone unnoticed. And then the author wrote that my friend was forgiven.

My friend had grown up and moved on, probably not thinking anything about how words spoken in high school might have affected the party the words were directed at. He was embarrassed by the letter, embarrassed by how he had behaved as a much younger person. 

All of this got me thinking. This kind of thing (and worse) goes on in high schools all around the country. Kids get picked on. It happens.

And for the most part it ends with graduation. People grow up, move on. High school becomes a distant memory. But, as the letter proved, sometimes the hurts and scars of high school aren't so easily forgotten. Fortunately, in my friend's case, the person he had once wronged chose to forgive him. It was probably the author's own way of moving on.

But what if that hadn't been the case? 

That is the premise of REUNION. Imagine the letter's author had not forgotten, had not forgiven, and had not moved on. Imagine that those years after high school had been filled with thoughts of one thing -- revenge. And what better time to put those years of planning and preparation into action than the weekend of the ten year reunion?

So if you weren't always the kind person you are today, if you had moments during your own high school sojourn you'd like to forget, and you receive an invitation to a cocktail party the night before your own reunion, an invitation without a return address and no host mentioned... It might be best to politely decline it.

Ten years is a lot of time for rage to build. It's a lot of time to prepare. And should you accept his invitation, you'll find that he's more than ready for you.

Be seeing you...


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