Saturday, September 4, 2010

Celtx for pre-production needs

I'm a Final Draft user and have been for years. It's always fit my needs as a screenwriter and I've become intimately familiar with how it works. Which works for me. 

However, it is a paid program, and not inexpensive at that. A great free alternative exists: Celtx is a free screenwriting program, but as I've recently discovered, it's so much more than.

It also provides a complete pre-production functionality that I'm only now becoming familiar with. It easily allows you to breakdown your script and, as you highlight specific elements within a scene and mark them appropriately (actor, prop, SFX, etc), it automatically creates reports. Once you enter the report area you will see the scene you've chosen broken down according to all of its respective parts. Open the calendar within the program and setup your shooting schedule. Drag your scene into the calendar and the program will automatically create a callsheet for that date, based on the info it accrued when you originally broke down the scene. Neat trick.

Celtx provides even more, but I'd encourage you to check it out for yourself. Handy videos on their website will further educate you on everything the program can do for you as you tackle your own pre-production.

Remember -- it's all free! 


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