Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fade In:

So this is it. The beginning. Only it's not. This journey began a number of years ago.  It began with a script (at that time called The House). The premise was simple: During the weekend of their ten year reunion, four friends are trapped in a house by the man they debased in high school. And hilarity ensues. If you find buckets of blood funny.

The script ultimately got shopped to some Hollywood studios where it was dubbed "too violent" -- or something to that effect.  Okay. So I'll deal with those jokers later (see above premise).

But seriously -- we decided we didn't need permission. So we're making it ourselves. And that's why this blog is called The Director's Notebook and not The Writer's Notebook. The writing is done. It has been written.

So now I'm going to direct the hell out of this thing. My producing partners Matt and Jennifer are hard at work moving all the pieces into place. In a couple of days our Kickstarter website will go live and hopefully you will decide to join us on this bloody path to cinematic infamy. Once that site is operational I'll post a link here. There you will be able to donate at whatever level you feel comfortable with and, like a good PBS telethon, different donation tiers will be created, each offering its own unique rewards. If you prefer your horror bloody and disgusting -- help us make this happen and pat yourself on the back when you watch the finished product knowing you helped buy all those buckets of blood.

And check back here often. This is where you can track the journey of a first-time feature filmmaker as he struggles to realize his vision of violent excess. Thanks for visiting. Be seeing you...

Jeremy David Bell


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