Friday, September 10, 2010

Early Casting Notice - Seattle area actors take note

If you are an actor in the Seattle area, or if you know an actor in the Seattle area, here's a little piece of info regarding our upcoming casting process.

Keep your eyes peeled in late December or early January for the casting notices. We'll post on all notable casting boards (http://tpsonline.org, etc)and, of course, we'll give you a heads up here too (so if your an actor in Seattle follow this blog or "Like" our Facebook page @!/pages/Reunion-The-Movie/111296185594705?ref=mf) to keep up-to-date.

REUNION is a feature-length horror film slated to shoot in July 2011. We'll be using non-SAG actors so, if that's you, we want to hear from you. 

There are three female roles -- all between 25-35 years old. One lead, two supporting.

There are five male roles, also between the ages of 25-35. Two leads, three supporting.

There will also be five male roles available for teenagers (16-19). These will be the male characters shown as teenagers in a very brief flashback.

In December or early January we will place the notices and ask all interested parties to submit a DVD of a scene showing what the actor is capable of in a horror movie context. Details of what to submit will be included in the actual notices.

Once we've reviewed the submitted DVDs we will ask for in-person readings from actors we want to see more from.

This is your chance to be covered in blood and scream a lot. Hold nothing back!

Be seeing you...


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