Saturday, February 18, 2012

Teaser trailer!

It's been a long wait, I know, but it's finally here -- your first real look at Reunion!

As we continue through the post-production process (Matt's editing like crazy) it's become clear that we will need to raise an additional $3,500 to hire a sound designer. We are aiming to finish the film in time to submit it to the outstanding genre film festival, Fantastic Fest, in Austin, Texas. Once the film is edited a sound designer will create and insert all of the sound effects into the movie. It's a lot of work!

We're offering some great rewards -- signed script pages, original call sheets, a video threat directed at YOU by our killer, Caswell! And, at the high end ($500), you can get one of the original masks worn in the movie.

Check out our new Kickstarter and pass it around!

Be seeing you...


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