Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hiatus Over!

So it's been a while. Many months, if I'm not mistaken. Let's get you all back up to speed.

Reunion officially wrapped on October 25th (my birthday!). After completing ninety percent of the shoot in August we had to take a little time off while we regrouped and tracked down our final location (not as easy as we'd hoped). But we finally did it and finished up with a couple of cold days and nights in Bellingham, WA. Alison Monda, who plays Rachelle in the film, was particularly  inspiring, running around barefoot in a revealing dress in bone-chilling cold.

So what's been going on since then?

Well, I, for one, needed some time to decompress. And then the holidays arrived. And I've been prepping our house for the imminent arrival of twins (a boy and a girl!). And time flew by.

But we're back! Matt (our esteemed producer Matt Ralston, one half of Cryptid Productions and the whole of Sasquatch Pictures) has assembled a teaser trailer. 

Audio just got cleaned up on that yesterday and hopefully sometime today he'll be handing it off to me to do some light color grading on it. After that -- it will go live. You'll be able to find it here, Facebook, www.reunionthemovie.com (also launching very soon), and on Mars (we have ways).
I've also launched my own website, www.jeremydavidbell.com

There you will be able to see other stuff I've worked on, including my latest venture, Baby Music Videos. I stumbled on that idea when my nephew Jacob was born -- I shot some footage, edited it to music, and uploaded it to Vimeo. It became a big hit with friends and family that were unable to meet Jacob when he was still brand spanking new. So now I'm offering that service to others and am really excited about it. It's a fun outlet and allows me to meet other babies while I await the arrival of my own.

I'll also have a blog at www.jeremydavidbell.com where I'll be posting on a variety of film and video related topics, including Reunion updates. However, all Reunion stuff will also still appear here and, ultimately, and www.reunionthemovie.com. I do plan on releasing a series of posts tentatively called "How To Make Your Movie" where I'll try to impart what I've learned making Reunion to those of you who hope to make your own movie. Those posts will appear here and on my personal site, with the first one arriving sometime next week. 

Thanks for your patience!

Be seeing you...


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