Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Reunion Teaser Trailer

Long time, no post. Damn. I thought I was going to do better. Oh well. The re-write I had been working on fought back hard and took a while to overcome. But that's done and now we're busy rushing toward production, which begins in earnest on July 28 and continues, basically without pause, through August. 
We did shoot one scene already, on June 27th. It was a half day shoot that didn't require any of our principal actors. It was a nice way to ease into production. Shoot for four and a half hours and then take a month off. Nice.
Of course, we haven't really taken a month off. We finally found our principal location (interiors only -- exteriors we'll shoot later at a separate location). The script breakdown was completed last week and Matt's been furiously trying to work around actor availability (we love our actors!) to schedule the rest of the shoot. We also will be checking in soon with Bandersnatch to see how our makeup fx are coming along. 
Our lovely costume designer, Megan Lacki, has nearly finished work on the first two dresses our actresses will wear.

As July rolls on props need to be acquired. Set dressing needs to be figured out. Storyboards must appear out of nowhere (meaning I'm sick of drawing them). 
But, things are coming along and we couldn't be more excited to finally get started on the actual production side of things.
And now, here's a teaser! 

Be seeing you...


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