Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Indiegogo Update

Hello. We have less than two weeks remaining in our Indiegogo campaign and could still use all the help we can get.

Here's a refresher on how it works. When you donate you donate at a certain level and get whatever reward is offered at that level. The more you donate, the cooler your reward. At the $100 level we're offering a USB thumb drive made from our KILLER's THUMB!
That's going to look sweet jutting out the side of your Macbook Pro! If you and your officemates pool your money and donate $2,500 you'll get one of the original Pig Masks (the one I was going to keep for myself!) designed and manufactured by Peter Orr. I will sign it and I'll force the cast to sign it! It will really dress up your office.
I see you...

Now, you might click to Indiegogo and see we've raised $1000 toward a $10,000 goal and say to yourself, "That seems unlikely". Don't let that deter you from donating! $10,000 was a goal that would have allowed us to use more FX than we now will, but if we could raise an addition $4,000 we could scrape by (barely). Indiegogo does not require projects to meet their goal to get the donations. If you donate to through your Paypal we get that donation immediately, you'll know you're getting a reward, and the following people will be able to eat:
Brian Sutherland
Jesse Lee Keeter
Alison Monda
Bjorn Whitney
Trin Miller
David Nail
Jordin Buttenob
Tessa Marie Archer
These are real people with real appetites. Don't they look hungry? Consider donating now at http://indiegogo.com/Horror-Film-Reunion to make sure they get fed their kibble. 

Thank you!

Be seeing you...


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