Wednesday, February 9, 2011

2011, Moving Right Along...

So what the hell? It's February already?
Reunion is moving along. Last week we met with our mask maker to look over his sketches, make final notes, and then we gave him the go ahead to start pricing materials. Once that is done we'll buy said materials and he'll get to work constructing a little bit of latex terror.
The main priority for us at the moment is finding our principal shooting location. We're looking for a two-story house, ideally gabled, hopefully white (a white tumor in a sea of green, as written in the script), that at least looks like it could be out in the middle of nowhere. Something similar to this would be great:
If we can settle on one location that can serve as our exteriors and also offers workable interiors, so much the better. We are prepared to shoot exteriors at one location and use a second location for our interiors if need be. The whole shoot is currently planned for 20-22 days in late July or August. Of those 2-3 would be exterior shoots at the house and 90% of the rest would be interiors at the house (the remaining shoot days would be for a couple of secondary locations that can be shot at separate times from the main shoot, if need be). If you, or anyone you know, has a house that you think might work (rental, vacation home, empty home sitting on the market, house in the process of being flipped) for late summer and is within reasonable driving distance of Seattle, please email us at : with "Location" in the subject heading. It could be a way for you to make some summer time vacation money and see your home in a sick horror flick!
Aside from our location search I am currently re-writing the script to tighten it up just a bit (it's currently a tad bloated and is retaining water). That should be done in a couple of weeks. Also within the next couple of weeks we'll begin another round of casting, this time looking for our male lead. If you know any potential leading men aged 25-35 give them a heads up.
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