Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Meet the bad guy... *(Updated)*

And finally a man joins the cast. Meet Reunion's Big Bad: Jesse Lee Keeter.

Jesse beat out some very tough competition to earn the role - and earn it he did. He auditioned for us three times and blew us away with his intensity and his ability to play off the actors he's working opposite. 

Jesse has a lot of experience onstage, as well as on camera. He, along with his two friends Ahren Buhmann and Gabe Congdon, is a part of ElGoodTimes Productions. Together Ahren, Gabe, and Jesse produce and star in the web series &@ (And At). Check out their Youtube channel here: http://www.youtube.com/user/ElGoodTimes. And "Like" them on Facebook here: And At Facebook page. If you're feeling the post-holiday blues, be sure to check out their short, "Have A Wet Christmas". It will really rain on your parade.

*Update*: Jesse also starred as the handsomest orc in all the land in the web series JourneyQuest. JourneyQuest is the product of Zombie Orpheus and Dead Gentlemen Productions

You can learn all about JourneyQuest and enjoy episodes at http://www.journey-quest.com/. You should go do that. Now.

We are thrilled beyond belief to add Jesse's talents to Reunion. During his last audition he read opposite Alison Monda Posner and when I informed her that she had been cast she specifically asked if Jesse would be cast as well. Upon hearing that he would indeed be playing our bad guy she responded (via Facebook message): "This movie is going to @%*#ing rock". Indeed!

Welcome, Jesse. Now put that knife away...

Be seeing you...


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