Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Brian Sutherland

This post originally appeared at Reunion's current Kickstarter page as an update.
Ah, it was a long search for our leading man. After holding our first round of auditions in December of 2010 we had limited leads on our lead. A second round of auditions still left us wanting.
And then, a fortuitous turn of events -- Reunion's producer, Matt Ralston, met one Brian Sutherland. Matt was producing a Washington State Lottery spot starring Brian (watch it at the bottom of this post). The spot required Brian to stand under a rain machine on a cold Washington day and Matt had been impressed with Brian's ability to take it like a man. He suggested we bring BSuth™ in for an audition. Brian strutted in like a peacock to read opposite Alison Monda, who had already been cast as our leading lady. He knocked it out of the park. We knew the minute he left the room he was our guy (but don't tell him that).
Brian Sutherland pretends to think. © 2011 Adam Smith (www.theadamsmith.com
Brian, known mostly for his comedic chops, gave a great performance as Jason Lasby. It was a challenging part to play -- his character spends a large chunk of time locked away in a dark room with no one else to interact with. That made for a couple of very long shooting days. And then, just to mix it up, we brought in Jesse Lee Keeter for an afternoon to wail on Brian's back with a (fake, but also, strangely, very real) baseball bat. Brian took his beating like a champ and we will forever be indebted to him for it.
Brian in his normal chilly weather attire. © 2011 Jeremy David Bell
You can see Brian in all kinds of upcoming projects, including the next episode of NBC's Grimm (I believe it's currently scheduled for March 2nd). In addition to producing the web series Glitch, starring Reunion's Jesse Lee Keeter and Tessa Marie Archer, Brian is working on the upcoming feature film Hands of Thunder (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Hands-of-Thunder/113434262074614), about the world's greatest Swedish handclapping band of all time. Be sure to check out the trailer for Hands of Thunder.
Thanks for all of your hard work on Reunion, Brian. You the man. For reals.
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