Thursday, May 19, 2011

Final cast member announced!

And that's that. Casting complete. And we are thrilled to introduce Reunion's Adam: Bjorn Whitney!
Bjorn Whitney as Adam
Bjorn literally became Adam before our eyes during his final audition and it was crystal clear he was the final piece to our puzzle.

Bjorn spent two seasons with Shakespeare Northwest, playing Ferdinand in The Tempest and Marc Antony in Antony and Cleopatra.
He's appeared in numerous short films and web shorts, including The Adventures of  Chadwick Periwinkle (premiering online this summer)and Fearless Episode Hunters (a short film from Temporal Studios).

Your next chance to get a look at Bjorn in action is May 30th. Love and War, a short film featuring Bjorn in the lead role of Rafe, premieres that day at SIFF.
Bjorn as Rafe in Love and War

Bjorn loves all three Star Wars movies and we can't wait to hang out with him on set.

Welcome to Reunion, Bjorn!
Be seeing you...


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