Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Casting again

Last Saturday, March 12th, we held auditions for our male lead, Jason Lasby. We saw some great talent. 
For this round of auditions I wrote an original scene featuring our two leads, a scene that would basically be considered backstory for those characters. Alison Monda, our leading lady, graciously showed up and spent the better part of her Saturday afternoon reading opposite our auditioning male actors. Thank you, Alison!
Our wardrobe department head (the lovely Megan Lacki) also showed up and took measurements of Alison and Trin so she could get started putting a wardrobe together.
I just contacted those actors who we are inviting back for callbacks this Sunday (March 20th). After spending last Saturday showing how they would handle the domestic aspects of Jason's character, they'll spend Sunday flaunting their horror movie skills. Can't wait!
Be seeing you...


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