Monday, November 15, 2010

Casting, blood, and guts...

We're at a fun stage of the game. Our initial (and last?!) casting period is winding down. November 26th marks the last day interested actors can submit videos to be considered for auditions on December 4th. We've already received A LOT of great submissions and, if this past weekend is any indication, we'll receive a bunch more between now and the 26th. If you, or anyone you know, has ever dreamed of not just appearing in, but STARRING in, a feature film, now's your chance! Visit our final Theatre Puget Sound listing for details:

What else is new? We're beginning the exhilarating process of shopping around for blood and body parts! To be as revolting as possible, we want to rely on as many practical effects as possible. Practical effects are those effects that are actually done on camera, live on the set, as opposed to digital effects done in post-production. Because our budget will be so tiny, we're shopping around early to get the best deals on blood -- fresh and congealed! -- and dismembered body parts! Tonight we are meeting with a local effects company that does great, bloody work. Fingers crossed we work out a deal without losing an arm -- or leg!

Consider donating to our Kickstarter campaign so we can afford lots of guts, gore, and goop!

Be seeing you...


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